Thursday, October 2, 2008

white bread 101

This recipe is from King Arthur's Baker's Companion. OK, I realize this may be one of the sadder looking loaves of bread I've ever baked. It looked beautifully risen when I put it in the oven and then while it was in the oven, it just SANK. According to King Arthur's website, I probably let it rise too much before baking it. I did let it rise beyond what the recipe indicated, but the recipe also said to "let the bread rise until the outer edge has risen about 1 inch over the rim of the pan" which it hadn't when the prescribed time was up. I figured my kitchen was a little cool and to give it a little time until it did. This was the result.

Oh well... add it to the list of not so great results (i.e. "learning experiences") with the ciabattas and the no-knead breads. I hope it's tasty anyway.

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