Tuesday, October 28, 2008

crisp halloween cookies

These were a big hit! They differed from the earlier (chewy) cookies in that the recipe called for 1 part butter and 1 part shortening and they were sweetened with 2 parts dark brown sugar to 1 part white granulated sugar. I did the same chocolate chips in the batter with Halloween M&Ms on top treatment that I did in the chewy cookie.

Oddly these cookies were chewier than the chewy cookie and had a pleasing amount of crispness. I baked them for (another) Halloween party and they were very, very well-received, particularly by the adults, who couldn't stop raving. There was only one cookie remaining at the end of the party and I'm sure that if I hadn't squirreled it away and actually offered it to someone, it would've been gone as well. Thank goodness I set some aside for the family before I left or else we would have been out of luck!

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