Saturday, October 25, 2008

chewy (?) halloween cookies

This is the time of year when I am challenged to come up with some yummy, homemade seasonal goody for the myriad Halloween parties my kids attend. I don't think I'm the most creative type, plus I'm loathe to slave over something that the other partygoers will not appreciate (i.e. shove in their mouths and swallow whole). Plus I'm a big believer in chocolate chip cookies as a popular party food. Whenever I go to a children's party, if there are homemade chocolate chip cookies available, I am shameless about parking my butt at the buffet table so that I can better chain-eat them.

I usually go by the traditional Toll House Cookie recipe, but I'm not actually enamored of that recipe. It's just feh to me. But it's safe so I keep making it. This year, I have the King Arthur Flour Baking Companion at my disposal. There are a couple different chocolate chip recipes in there -- a chewy cookie, and a crisp version. The chewy version (which I made today) is notable because it uses brown sugar and light corn syrup (no granulated sugar). It also calls for butter rather than suggesting shortening or margarine as substitutes. As a result, the dough spreads quite a bit in the oven.

I mixed in 1/2 the usual quantity of chocolate chips and did not add nuts. After plopping the dough on the cookie sheets, I topped each dough dollop with 3 Halloween M&Ms (they come in fluorescent green, purple, orange and black).

The finished cookie was very thin (as expected) but crisp to hard, in spite of the fact that I baked them for the low end of the suggested time. After they cooled, I put them all in a loosely covered Gladware container and I'm told they softened up a bit. I personally like crisp and overcooked chocolate chip cookies, but that wasn't what I was aiming for today. I'll be baking another batch of chocolate chip-Halloween M&M cookies for a party on Tuesday; I'll give the other (intentionally crispy) recipe a whirl that day.

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