Friday, April 17, 2009

chewy choc-oat chip bars

Chocolate chips and oatmeal are always a winning combo for me. In fact, I love oatmeal in almost any cookie, but I'm not sure everyone does, and chocolate can certainly make it more palatable for those folks. Oat bran/fiber AND chocolate? How can you lose?

Usually when I bake goodies for L.'s teen gatherings, a few come home, so I wasn't too concerned that I wouldn't get to sample one later. However, this time there were no leftovers at all. So you'll have to take L. and friends' collective word for it that they were delicious. The recipe was from Nestle's Very Best Baking site, and they were a snap to make and contained ingredients that most bakers have handy -- which was a very good thing for me since I had forgotten to pick up a snack at the grocery store for L. to take!

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  1. Those look great, Claire. I'm loving all of the recipes on your site, as well as your story -- a journalist headed to culinary school? That sounds like something I can relate to!

    Good luck to you ... Happy Baking!
    Flour Girl


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