Friday, January 23, 2009

sub rolls

I made these sub rolls to accompany my slow-cooker barbecued pulled pork. I also learned a few lessons that you might not have expected during this process.

(1) I cannot fit two half-sheet pans and a steam pan in my oven at once.

(2) If you keep opening the oven door to try to figure out how to squeeze two half-sheet pans and a steam pan inside, the oven will cool down...

(3) ... a lot.

(4) If you smell smoke and the oven is on, maybe you should check it out.

(5) Parchment paper may smolder at temps over 420 degree F just like the box says (even though this never happened to me before at much higher temps).

(6) Sub rolls are very forgiving.

And finally...

(7) A 14-year-old boy can easily put away 3 pulled pork subs in one sitting.

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