Thursday, January 22, 2009

double chocolate chunks

I'm not a chocolate person. I like chocolate and all, I just don't crave it like some people. However, a lot of people L-O-V-E chocolate. A lot. And when L. needed to bring a goodie to one of his teen gatherings, I thought why not something chocolate? Well, that, and I have lots of chocolate to work with in my kitchen.

I first made these cookies at Thanksgiving as my chocolate offering for dessert. Everyone was so stuffed after the dinner, they were initially ignored, but I included them in the take-home leftover bags and in the days after got an IM from my MIL raving about them. P. also discovered them post-turkey day. So I thought they were worth revisiting and foisting them on some other unsuspecting souls.

Double Chocolate Chunks are just an over-the-top burst of chocolatey goodness -- with brownie-like softness, and oozing with chocolate bits. A little bit of espresso powder accentuates the cocoa flavor. My intent was to roll the cookies in confectioners' sugar before putting them in the oven (as I had with the last) but discovered to my horror that I am out of confectioners' (how does this even happen??). They really don't need the extra sugar, but they do look a little plain without them. If I had some white chocolate, I might have melted some and drizzled it across the tops to pretty them up a bit. It doesn't really matter -- once you take a bite you really don't care what they look like!

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