Wednesday, December 24, 2008

choco-nilla cake revisited

By request! Every Christmas Eve, our little family has the same dinner menu -- a baked pasta dish (Baked Ziti with Ricotta -- from the back of the Ronzoni box -- for a few years running now), garlic bread, Caesar salad and something decadently chocolatey for dessert. C. suggested I make the Choco-nilla Cake from the Baker's Banter that I made for his birthday back in August, but this time with the chocolate ganache and filling that the recipe originally called for.

It was definitely more chocolatey this time 'round (last time I commented on the lack of chocolateyness), and the issues I had with the differing consistencies of the two batters (and resulting cakes) persisted (although the chocolate cake cooked in the recommended 35 minutes this time). However, none of this interfered with our enjoyment (particularly C.'s). If you decide to make it, be forewarned: the finished cake weighs a ton.


  1. You never baked anything like this when I visited.

  2. You haven't visited in a looooong time! I'll make for you the next time you come. :-)


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