Friday, July 4, 2008

fresh blueberry tart

We recently purchased a new refrigerator and as anyone whose voluntarily gotten a new fridge and disposed of an old functioning fridge at the same time knows, it's a nuisance keeping everything cold during the interim while the new fridge is cooling down (Whirlpool says to wait 24 hours before putting food in the new fridge). So we spent weeks prior to taking delivery trying to eat down the food in the old refrigerator and freezer. What I'm getting at is this: no baking and no dessert making. And I've missed it.

This morning, I baked a rustic blueberry tart (recipe courtesy of Baking Illustrated) to take advantage of the wealth of fresh New Jersey blueberries that have been appearing in our local supermarkets. We haven't eaten it yet but I'm really eager to taste it, accompanied by some homemade vanilla ice cream. Happy Independence Day!

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